Chapter 4: Shopping

In this chapter we show you how to ensure you can conveniently shop from home via your iPad and iPhone.


  • Exactly the same as for Entertainment in the previous chapter. You are able to download any shop as an app.
  • Tesco, Sainburys, Waitrose, M&S, Amazon. All major high street stores have an app.
  • NB: you must be connected to the WiFi to download any app.


The 'App Store' button is blue with a large A. This is your key to finding the digital library which is filled with options for games, TV, news, books and every interest you may have.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 16.16.35
  • See the search icon bottom right corner (magnifying glass).
  • Search for any app you wish to download (Scrabble, ITV hub, Netflix, Audible, Kindle) etc.
  • Click on the blue bubble of the app you wish to download. 
  • Either enter you Apple ID password or touch the home button with your finger or thumb to download. 
  • Watch the app download. Press OPEN to use the app.
  • The app will appear on your homepage.
  • The next time you wish to use this app you just click on it again. 
  • If you can't find the icon on your homescreen, go back to the App Store and search for it again. If you have already downloaded it you won't download it twice, it will just take you to where it is on your homepage. You won't be charged again.