Katharine Landale

Katharine Landale


Binky Kahar
Research and Sourcing Specialist

Founded in 2019 by Katharine Landale, Bold New Recruitment (BNR) emerged in response to a  need for tailored, transparent, and comprehensive recruitment services within the SME sector. Katharine recognised the importance of providing a bespoke approach to sourcing candidates, coupled with a deep understanding of her valued clients' requirements. Equally vital to her is upholding the integrity, confidence, and trust of each exceptional candidate she represents.

What sets BNR apart is its distinctive combination of recruitment and search methodologies for every position. This approach recognises the unique staffing needs of each client, ensuring that Katharine and her team remain nimble and adaptable. Only exceptional talent is presented, and the client-candidate relationship receives ongoing support throughout their professional journey.

Drawing from three decades of experience across various industries, Katharine has honed her expertise in attracting and securing top-tier talent. Her role in recruiting such exceptional individuals has consistently been central to her success.

With BNR, clients and candidates alike can rely on a recruitment partner that values personalised attention, integrity, and long-term commitment. Katharine and her team are dedicated to forging lasting connections and making significant contributions to the success of both businesses and careers.

Katharine Landale