LinkedIn Advice



  • Take time:  To create a strong profile that compliments your CV take your time. LinkedIn is a business focussed networking site showcasing you. 97% of recruiters use it and it is an excellent tool.
  • Custom URL:
  • Photograph: Attach a friendly, professional and good quality photograph. Head and shoulders with a plain background. No holiday snaps here please.
  • Headline: Write an eye catching headline underlining what your speciality is. The more specific the better and please include your key words throughout.
  • Content: Look at job descriptions of roles you like and again, look at the key words. Use these throughout your profile on LinkedIn and in your CVs and covering letters.
  • Media: Attach pictures, videos, slideshows.
    Add web-sites you have created, projects you have worked on, articles written. Use the multimedia interface that LinkedIn offers.
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  • Summary: Should be 3-5 short paragraphs long with bullet points in the middle. Include your passions, skills, unique qualifications and a list of the industries you have worked with in the past.
    • Include numbers to highlight success stories and underline case studies.
    • Use key stats. They are more powerful than adjectives.
    • Avoid buzzwords.
    • Use the first person.
    • Market yourself as a high performer in the summary and experience sections (accomplishments, times you have been promoted or hand-picked for projects).
    • Use the current title box, if you are on a career break, use the words ‘seeking for xxxx….’.
  • Experiences: Add any volunteer experiences or languages to "additional" profile features.
  • Endorsements: Approach people and suggest different skill sets you would like them to endorse. You always hide recommendations that are badly written or not relevant. Keep them current.
  • Update articles: but do not overload the platform.
  • Include a blog.
  • Join relevant groups. Have at least 50 personal connections, recruiters like a network.
  • Privacy: If you are looking to change careers, make sure your current employer cannot tell you are on the hunt, there is a privacy setting on each account.


  • Add an email address, Twitter handle etc.
  • Be enthusiastic, authentic and positive about every connection.

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