Mastering the Art of CV and Interview Technique


We coach graduates, returners and anyone wishing to up their CV presentation and interview skills. As we know this is mainly confidence, but I find all candidates benefit from having a good narrative both on paper and in their heads.  I find they walk into interviews and situations taller with a bigger belief in themselves.

'Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.'

  • Is your CV up to date? Have you included everything relevant to the role you are applying to? Have you showcased the best of yourself?
  • What do you say when asked "Tell me about yourself", "Why should we employ you?" or the awful "What are your weaknesses"?

As recruiters, we understand that the job search process can sometimes be demoralising, lengthy, and uncertain. It can also be frustrating when exceptional candidates struggle due to lack of experience and nerves.

Allow us to instill confidence in your abilities and help you effectively showcase them in your CV and during interviews. Each person has an extraordinary life story to share, and we want to ensure that yours is heard.

CV: Your cover letter and CV have the power to make a lasting impression, often within a mere 7 seconds. Mastering this art takes practice and time. Let us help you in crafting a compelling CV that can be tailored to each job application you submit.

LinkedIn: Building a strong, visually appealing, and professional LinkedIn profile is crucial. Equally important is effectively utilising the platform. We will teach you how to optimise your LinkedIn presence.

Interviews: Once you secure an interview and reach this stage, let us guide you in becoming the best version of yourself on the day. Many excellent candidates are overlooked due to poor presentation skills and lack of confidence. We are here to change that.

We provide interview practice sessions both in person (London) and online.


  • Full CV/LinkedIn audit plus coaching (90 mins)- £250
  • Full CV/LinkedIn audit plus 10 coaching sessions (recommended) - £1,500
  • Full CV/LinkedIn audit plus unlimited coaching sessions - £3,500

Please contact Katharine Landale at for further details. 


"Katharine Landale and Bold New Recruitment provide support that is second to none. We’re often left to trial and error in the application process, so to have help from such knowledgeable, professional and personable consultants is priceless. 

Their interview practice sessions and advice on job hunting was invaluable and helped me get a job that was perfect for me. Each session is suited to the individual and you are left not only more prepared for interviews but more confident in your own skills."

Tom H

"I wanted to reach out and express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional interview and CV training you provided me. Your expertise and guidance truly made a significant difference in my job search. Additionally your insightful feedback and confidence boosting optimism helped me refine my presentation skills and boosted my confidence significantly. As a result, I felt well-prepared and at ease during my actual interviews, which undoubtedly contributed to my success.

The CV training was equally impactful. Crafting a compelling cover letter and CV was a daunting task for me, but with your assistance, I was able to create a document that effectively showcased my skills and experience. Your advice on tailoring my CV to each specific application was invaluable, and I'm confident that it played a significant role in capturing the attention of potential employers.

Overall, I cannot thank you enough for the support and expertise you provided throughout the process. Your commitment to helping candidates like me succeed is truly commendable. I am thrilled to share that I have secured a new position, and I genuinely believe that your training played a crucial role in my success.

I will undoubtedly recommend your services to anyone seeking interview and CV training. Thank you once again for your exceptional guidance and for empowering me to present the best version of myself."

Having just left university I did not have much experience and knowhow with job applications and Katherine at Bold New Recruitment was incredibly useful across all stages. She really helped optimise my CV, bringing out the key points from my work experiences and wording which a recruiter would look for. Then once I got some interviews, we spent a good amount of time going through interview technique and practising mock interviews which was great for my preparation. Key for me was that Katherine really helped me believe in my abilities so that I could go into interviews with confidence, ultimately leading to several successful job offers.

Louis B